I had not made a web site before, but I found this website entertaining. It can be useful for us. We can share the materials that we prepare with our students. It is a little bit complicated. We need to use and learn how we can do it better. There are lots of things to learn about it. It is absolutely not just for using in the classroom. To learn how to create a web site is also useful for our daily life. We can use it whenever we want. I think, it is a useful tool in our technological world. Weebly has ‘drag and drop ‘  property, so it is user-friendly. 



    Today’s topic was very attractive for me because I am curious about the listening materials in ELT. I think, we should use authentic materials like podcasts when we have an aim to improve the students’ listening skills. The students should hear the real life like conversations to improve their listening skills.In that way, if they come up with this situation in real life, they can easily understand what people are talking about. A good listening skill also effects the speaking skill.

   I have already known that the website, ELT podcast. I had listened some of the episodes from this page. It very good, I think. National public radio and audioboo are new for me. There are lots of episodes in these pages so we are not able to listen all of them. If we can search what we look for, we can find the podcasts that are related to the topic. I think these are effective tools for improving listening skills.


Digital story telling is one of the best materials for teaching a language to young learners. It supplies visual,auditory learning for the students. This week, we also mentioned about some of the web sites that we prepare and find  digital stories like story nory, british council, story jumper, dfilm.com etc… Actually, last year we prepared a digital story for teaching English  to young learners course. It was a very good experience for us. I think, it is useful.


    My name is Aynur. I was born in 1991. I’m from Kastamonu. I have one brother and one sister. My brother is 18 years old. He is a freshman in Balıkesir University, Maritime Faculty. My sister is a high school student. She is studying Fine Arts High School. I started to school education in Sehit Ersin Yenel Primary School in Kastamonu. After I graduated here, I went to Inebolu Anatolia High School. My first university was Karabük University. My department was English Language and Literature. After two years I took the university entrance exam again. I got into Abant Izzet Baysal University in 2011. I have a part-time job in the university. I am working in Fine Arts Faculty as secretary. I like playing volleyball. I played volleyball professionally six years. Now, I can not play because I have no free time.

For furthermore information :http://prezi.com/nkuw_ut35cja/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share 



  These two web sites were the ones that I knew before the lesson, so I had not any problem to understand the lesson this week. I also want to add that these applications are very useful. As far as I am concerned, we can use them in teaching language effectively. We have been using Edmodo for two years. I think, it is good. I like the system that we can communicate with each student at the same time. 

 If I need to talk about the ‘ PREZI’, we also prepared some presentations on prezi with my friends. It is really more colorful than power point, but it is a little bit difficult. We need to have an internet communication to prepare a presentation with it. Except this, it is a good source. 



    I heard the ‘HOT POTATOES’ before the lesson, but I didn’t know how I can use or what it is used for. In the lesson, we analyzed this web page. I really liked the website. It is a helpful source for teachers to prepare quizzes or exams for the students. There are lots of changes to prepare items. I think, we learned lots of things that we can use when we become teachers. It is both entertaining and informative.

Online Communities of Practice

  First of all, I want to say that we learned lots of things in this lesson. The importance of these communities is that learning takes place in the actual situation. There are millions of the things on the internet. To know all of them actually is not possible. Webheads, Tesol are the examples of these communities. I found beneficial these web sites. They are useful for social learning.

The other thing that we cover in this lesson was dropbox. I knew it before, but I didn’t know the usage of this page. I am interested in this page, because I am writing lots of things on my computer, and I don’t want to carry my computer everywhere. Dropbox is very practical. I downloaded it to my computer. I need to search the properties of this web site.

Delicious is a social web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks.We can reach our favourite web sites via this page. I learned these, but I couldn’t understand how this page works exactly.